Our Bartenders

Our bartenders team work is based on the below basic milestones:

Having a good attitude
There are “the best days” but also some others we call “just good days”. In any case we will be here offering our best to our customers no matter what!

Keeping the bar clean
This is a “must” for our team. We take care and give a lot of time to keep the bar clean. Thats one of the proofs of taking care of our job, our services and our products.

Making suggestions
We like to “suggest” drinks depended on what the customer’s favorite tastes are. For example there are sweet or bitter cocktails. Why should we not offer your favorite? So we ask you!

Being Professional
Lindian Apollo Bar after 29 years, could not stay alive if we were not professionals on what we do. But that does not stop us to be better and better day by day. We are not perfect but we try hard to be professionals.