About us

About us

In 1988 Mr. Giorgos created the Lindian Apollo bar in the heart of Lindos! In these 29 years he managed to create something much more than a cocktail bar. In this area, he offered sample fun, joy and memories to those customers who have spent all of these years in Apollo. Years of friendship have been built and today apollo bar comes not only to the patrons but also to the next generation. Their children. The story goes on, however, from Panagiotis and Apostolos, children of George, who have evolved the already successful course of the Lindian apollo bar!

So, in this place, which has become “must” every summer people from all over the world meet friends and families. The beautiful atmosphere of the team and the impeccable service but also the high quality of the drinks and snacks are the main reasons why apollo bar is well known in many countries around the world. We are here early in the morning to provide to our guests fresh breakfasts and we continue our day with coffee and snacks. Every evening we enter in the “summer night” with music from many kinds, fifty kinds of fresh cocktails and many wine labels!

We are committed to continue this wonderful journey, to maximize it and, of course, to create new experiences and memories for all our visitors. Summer of Lindos passes through the Lindian Apollo bar. We thank you from heart!

What our customers say:

Εκπληκτικό μπαρ! Άριστη εξυπηρέτηση και υπέροχα κοκτέιλς!

Μάνος – Ελένη 2017 Ελλάδα

The best bar in Lindos! Recommended!

Mary Paddington 2017 UK

Great bar. Excellent cocktails, low prices.

Alonso Fernantos 2016 Spain